May  26, 2020

Carbon Leadership Events & Webinars


Wood Carbon Seminar Series

WCS: Tracking Carbon in North America with Lauren Cooper (MSU Forest Carbon and Climate Program), Maggie Wildnauer (Sphera [formerly thinkstep]), Grant Domke (US Forest Service).
Presentation on May 7, Discussion on May 28.

WCS: Using Wood LCA in the Building Industry with Pat Layton (Clemson University, Wood Utilization + Design Institute), David Diaz (Ecotrust).
Presentation on June 4, Discussion on June 11.

Recent Webinar Recordings


Re-framing Steel: How to Optimize Your Steel Structure to Reduce Embodied Impacts with Michael Gryniuk (LeMessurier, SE 2050). Recording

Construction: The Contractor’s Role in Quantifying and Reducing Embodied Carbon: Why, What, and How with Stacy Smedley (Skanska), Jenelle Shapiro (Webcor Builders), Mark Chen (Skanska). Recording and Slides

Beyond Fly Ash: How to Optimize Your Concrete Structure to Reduce Embodied Impacts with Dirk Kestner (Walter P Moore). Recording

Reducing Embodied Carbon with EC3 and Tally with Roderick Bates (KieranTimberlake). Recording

Using WBLCA to Reduce Embodied Carbon Within LEED and Beyond with Raphael Sperry (Arup), Anthony Pak (Priopta), Baha Sadreddin (ZGF), and Victoria Herrero-Garcia (Ambient Energy). Recording and Slides

Featured Upcoming Events (subject to change)

August 5-6: FTI World Congress Los Angeles, CA

September 8: GoGreen Conference Seattle Seattle, WA

[Postponed]: International Mass Timber Conference Portland, OR

Recent News, Research, Resources, and Discussion

Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) news and media.

CLF now has local hubs in Atlanta, Austin, Australia, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and Yellowstone. Join or start a local chapter now to help expand our network.

SE 2050: Commit to creating a firm-wide plan to reduce the embodied carbon of your structural systems, evaluate and reduce the embodied carbon impacts of your design decisions, and track your progress. Check out the ECOM tool to quickly find an estimate of the embodied carbon in your project or framing scheme.

The City of Portland posted a concrete EPD purchasing policy. As of January 1, 2020, all concrete purchases are required to have an environmental product declaration (EPD). By April 1, 2021, a global warming potential (GWP) threshold will be established, and by January 1, 2022, all concrete EPDs will be required to meet this GWP threshold.

Growth in floor area: the blind spot in cutting carbon. “It is time for the [building] sector to grasp fully the opportunities for tackling embodied or “capital carbon,” not only at the level of low carbon materials, but also (more importantly) at the strategic planning level.” That means frequent discussions focused on embodied carbon, aligning project goals with global science-based targets, shifting to a circular economy, achieving absolute material reductions, and advocating for rigorous carbon accounting requirements.

LCA courses for buildings

Check out these resources for learning how to perform LCA for buildings and building materials:


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