December 22, 2020

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from News You Can Use writer Martin Torres, and editor Fred Bernstein! We are excited to make 2021 another year filled with embodied carbon action, awareness, policy changes, and education.

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Forest Climate Working Group Learning Exchange Series: A group of webinars on forest and climate issues hosted by the Forest Climate Working Group. Starts with Innovative Approaches to Increasing Carbon in the Landscape.Wednesday, January 6, 12-1pm PST. Register

Global Passive House Happy Hour. Every Wednesday at 4pm PST. Register

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Carbon Leadership Forum 2020 Wrapup -- CLF staff and members of the CLF Network and Online Community summarize and discuss the significance of work done globally to support the radical reduction of embodied carbon across the building industry, including research, standards, carbon reporting requirements, policies, tools, life cycle assessment, materials development, and growth of the network, including the creation of CLF Regional Hubs around the world. Recording.

Embodied Carbon 101 (BSA): Basic Literacy, EPDs, Structure, Envelope, MEP, Interiors, Procurement, Carbon Accounting, Certifications + Commitments: Overview and Deeper Dive, Making the Case, Process + Firm Culture. Recordings

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CLF Webinar Recordings

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CLF Happy Hours! Join us to connect with other members of the CLF community and help determine topics to discuss in happy hours throughout the year!

Forest Climate Working Group Learning Exchange Series, Wednesday, February 3, 202112:00 – 1:00pm, Monthly on the first Wednesday, until Jun 3, 2022.
A series of webinars on forest and climate issues hosted by the Forest Climate Working Group. For more information and registration, go to:

Recent News, Research, Resources, and Discussion

Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) news and media.

Op-ed: Attempting to redefine “green” could weaken efforts to mitigate climate change. In this piece, Fred Bernstein takes a critical look at recent attempts to stretch the meaning of the word “green” to cover resiliency. Some design professionals are opting for disaster preparation over carbon mitigation, resigning themselves to rising sea levels and then calling those efforts “green.” They’re not. In fact,  “when it comes to climate change, back-up generators and other features that contribute to resilience aren’t part of the solution. They are part of the problem.”

Developing syllabuses and learning outcomes based on industry needs. This 47-minute video features presentations by Margaret Cooke (Founding Director, Integral Engineering Design), Tim Ibell (Civil Engineering Professor, University of Bath), and Scott Strachan (Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Strathclyde). Climate-focused pedagogy for structural engineers is overdue, as they are essential to carbon reduction strategies. This includes implementing embodied carbon and building reuse curricula in higher education and research-based education for sustainable development.

AIA Committee on the Environment (CoTE) Common App for Awards Alignment. This initiative is meant to align awards programs with the values of the AIA’s move towards environmental stewardship, to simplify the process of applying for multiple awards allowing for fair competition between firms of all sizes), and to collect, track, and make available to the membership consistent environmental impact data from project submissions. The Common App is in its second Beta Test phase, so please send comments, questions, and feedback to both Anne Schopf ( and Corey Squire (

SE 2050 has launched.the updated updated ECOM (Embodied Carbon Estimator), and additional resources for structural engineers and others interested in learning more about embodied carbon.

CLF now has regional hubs in Atlanta, Austin, Australia, Boston, Calgary, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York City, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, and Yellowstone. Join or start a regional hub now to help expand our network.


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Written by Martin Torres
Edited by Fred Bernstein

This newsletter is meant to increase awareness and understanding of the important work being done to reduce embodied carbon in buildings. If there is something we missed or an emerging news story that should be on our radar, email

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